DQ Organic Fruits are grown using compost from organic sources. Many farmers mistakenly use animal or chicken dung without checking whether the farm concerned uses pesticdes on the dung.  At DQ, nothing is touched by chemicals or pesticides.  We use our own raw materials to produce our compost, thereby controlling the quality right from the beginning.
Another possible source of contamination is water for the trees.  Many farms depend on ground water which may be polluted.  At DQ, we laid two kilometers of pipes right up to the mountain source of a river deep in a virgin forest next to our farm.  The water is pristine and has been tested to be clean from pathogens and pollutants.
Fruits are allowed to ripen on the trees.  Most fruits in our country are plucked early and then artificially ripened.  For this reason, our fruits are limited in supply as we cannot supply tree-ripened fruits in bulk.  Fruits that are tree-ripened have been found to be rich in enzymes, phyto-nutrients and very importantly, glyconutrients.  Fruits plucked early have been found to be devoid of glyconutrients and enzymes.
The fruits available depends on what is in season.  We have honey nangka (Jackfruit), honey cempedak, the best D24 durian in the country and other varieties, occasionally kuini, dokong, local oranges, jambu air, pomelo, etc.
In addition, we spray phototrophic bacteria on the trees weekly.  In addition to providing healthier trees, we have found that the bacteria have infused the trees and fruits with "energy".  What this is we cannot explain but visitors who have a background in  "gigong" have pointed this out to us repeatedly.  Our fruits are much sought after by these "gigong" exponents!