updated July 9, 2003
1. What is DQ "Clean" Chicken?
DQ "Clean" Chickens are free - ranging and grass - fed and are grown without hormones, growth enhancers and antibiotics.  It is possibly the only chicken today in the market that is free from sub-therapeutic antibiotics.  Long time customers of ours have told us that they can differentiate DQ Chickens from market chickens through the smell alone.
2.  Are DQ Chickens Expensive? Mung beans fed to our chickens - click on the picture for a bigger view.
They are comparable with the so-called "ayam kampung" at the wet market.    An average "ayam kampung" will cost you about RM 18.00.  Our chickens on the other hand are value for money.  We guarantee we do not use hormones, nor do we add other forms of growth promoters. (Click here to read an article on the dangers of wet market chickens. )   Our birds take between 3 to 7 months to reach your table, depending on breed and size.   In addition, since we try to grow and raise as much as possible our own food for the chickens, our labour cost is higher.  Our birds are fed a higher protein content feed, approximately, 25% protein content.  Higher protein means higher feed costs but we feel it is important to impart that rich taste that is now associated with meats from our farm.  Our chickens not only taste better, they actually smell healthier!!

3.  Are you saying that factory chickens are fed hormones?
No. Factory chickens or  broilers are naturally fast growing.  Hormones will not help them grow any faster and is a waste of money.  However, factory chickens do have sub-therapeutic antibiotics in their feed as growth enhancers. Responsible broiler farmers will follow prescribed withdrawal periods. These are called antibiotic residue-free chickens and should cost the same as normal broilers.

The growth rate of
"ayam kampung" on the other hand can be assisted significantly by the use of growth promoters which includes hormones. However, take note that the use of growth hormones for poultry is prohibited in Malaysia. Click here to read what the Consumers' Association of Penang found in wet market chickens.

4. But your chickens are so much more expensive than the "antibiotic residue-free" chickens sold in the supermarket?
Those are factory broiler chickens taken off sub-therapeutic antibiotics prior to slaughter.  They reach your table approximately 35 days to 40 days from hatching.  They are juveniles wtih adult bodies.  Ours take between 80 days to 150 days or more.  More importantly, our chickens are grass - fed which have been reported to be naturally high in cancer fighters,  Omega 3 and Congulated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

5. How are your chickens raised?
Our chickens are pastured in organic permaculture fields grown with legumes, grasses, vegetables, etc.  Chickens raised in this manner will be stress-free, and this will be reflected in the quality of the meat.  The meat will come from birds that are healthy and with strong immune systems. Click here to see pictures of organic plants we raise for the chickens to feed on.

6. What is the chicken breed that you are selling?  Do you sell ayam kampung?
We are selling only two breeds - the RIR / "Ayam Kampung" Cross and the Hungarian Naked Neck.  We have specially selected these birds. The meat is more tender than our local chickens but nonetheless due to our feeding, they have a nice flavour and the quality of meat is excellent.  The older the chicken, the better the flavour.  Our roasters have the most flavour.

Our chickens cost from RM13.50 to RM38.00 each.  The birds range in weight from 1.2kg to 3.5kg, live-weight.  Birds weighing around 2kg are suitable for steaming, soups, broiling, etc.  For roasting, the birds are above 2.6kg.  For smaller families, we also sell birds weighing from 1.2 to 1.5kg. live-weight (For dressed weight, less 33.33% from live weight.

We have black boned chickens (
silkies) selling for RM35.00 each for medicinal purposes and the guinea fowl, which is an excellent replacement for the original "ayam kampung".  It is a premium game bird imparting a rich taste to soups and broth, and has a sweet rich taste when roasted.  Guinea fowls have naturally strong immune systems and do not fall sick easily.  The Chinese believe that guinea fowl meat fortifies and strengthens the immune system and is generally consumed for that purpose.

Guinea fowl are seasonal and are generally available from May onwards.  Guinea fowl sells for RM38.00 per bird.

7.Where can we buy your chickens?
At the moment, we offer a delivery service at RM3.00 per address, regardless of number of chickens.  We slaughter the chickens and chill them immediately for delivery.  You can also pick them up at our office in Plaza Ampang City.

We have over 15 stockists of our chickens in the Klang Valley.  Call our office at 03 42571311 and ask for Hafiz / Lois to find out which stockist is nearest to you.  We also have stockists who deliver to your home. The chickens are also available in Jusco, Cold Storage and Isetan.
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