We organise visits to the farm for our stockists and selected customers.  The above is the first visit for 2003, in Febuary.  From L to R, front row, Loong of SSN Distributors, Cindy Tan, Sherene, her husband Wong and son of Ecogreen Organic Shop, R to L, back row, Dr. Mohd. Mukhyuddin, a medical doctor, Che Yah, Adeline and Calvinn of Good4U,  daughter and in the front, their son.
Second visitors' day on June 15, 2003. L to R, Mr. Khairuddin from the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Ming, owner of a chain of 3 TCM stores, Jeff Loon from MAS, Richard and wife in front with son,  they are distributors of organic products for organic stores throughout the country, Cindy Tan, at the back of her Richard Tan, May Tan and Aaron Tan, next to her Mrs. Jeff Loon, Linda Lim and Mdm Low and her son, Lim Ru Xiang.
Wash your car before entering the farm.
(photo courtesy of Richard Tan)
H.S. Wong, Head, R&D, with visitors to the farm.
(photo courtesy of Richard Tan)
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