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1. New Reban Design - August 1, 2004
2. Visitors to the farm, 2004:
   a. Datuk Rahman Hashim, July 31, 2004
   b. Nanyang Siang Pau journalists, August 8, 2004
   c. Ministry of Agriculture, Sept 2, 2004
   d. Dr. Craig Wong, veterinarian surgeon, Sept 2, 2004
Mr. Tham CL from Hong Kong Sept. 12, 2004
  f. Encik Yusry from Skim Organik Malaysia, Dec. 8,2004
  g. Stockists and customers, Dec. 12, 2004.
Stockists and customers, Jan. 05, 2005
Press Day, Jan. 23, 2005
   j. Daryl with a 4 kg patin and a golden smile - Mar 21, 2005

3. New Products
DHA Enriched Chicken
    b. Suixiang DHA Enriched Chicken
DQ Cabrito
4. Latest Test results for Avian Influenza
5. Latest Test results for Salmonella

1. So you don't believe they feed recycled oil to chickens?
. So you don't believe they feed chicken litter and manure to cows and goats?
. It costs RM15 to RM18 per bird to reduce its living space from 1.3 sq ft to 0.67 sq ft.
We are compromising our children's future ( a report by WWF)..

When you leave it to "experts" to give you the healthiest, mos
t nutritious food for you and your family:
1. The Chewing Gum way to improve the performance of cows
. Using plastic scrubbers for roughage for the cows

Why DQ Grassfed Chicken and Mutton are Better Than Organic
Meats ( and we have the lab tests to prove it)
1. Where's the real beef ( or the real mutton or real chicken for that matter)?
2. The Health Benefits of Grassfed Meats
3. Why Grassfed is Better than Organic (from the lady who started it all)
4. There are Killers Out There!            

Ozonisers - A Word of Caution
There's a new fad in town.  However, ozonisers can be hazardous.  Click to read.

Love at first Visit - Ms. Michiko Okutsu

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