Chickens - We have various sizes ranging from
live weight 1.2 kilo to 3.5 kilos per bird.  Prices range from RM 13.50 to RM38.00. Contact your stockist or call our office.

Sizes available are SM (1.2 to 1.3kilo), S (1.5kilo), F (1.8 - 1.9kilo), L (2.2 to 2.5kilo) and RO (2.6 to 3.5kilo).
Note: weights are based on Live Weight.

Limited Stock Items (call for availability)

Black Skin Chickens (silkies)
(click here for pictures) RM 35.00 each
Turkey                                                                             RM 18.00 per kg
Mountain Chicken
(click here for pictures)                  RM 35.00 per bird

Seasonal ( call for availability)

Guinea Fowl (
click here for picture)                            RM 38.00 per bird

Fruits (Seasonal)

(click for more information)                           RM 12.00 per fruit
Cempedak                                                                       RM   4.50 per kg

* All weights refer to live - weights before processing
   All chickens are sold dressed. To arrive at dressed weight, deduct 33.33% from the live weight.
   Delivery charges are RM3.00 per address to designated areas only, regardless of number of
   chickens ordered.  Call to confirm.

* Full Size chickens are suitable for broiling, grilling, steaming, soups and stews
  Standard Size chickens and smaller are suitable for frying
  Roasters are for roasting and slow steaming (45mins to one hour, low steam)
  Black Skin chickens are suitable for making medicinal soups
  Mountain chickens are a premium medicinal soup fowl
  Guinea fowl is an excellent roasting and medicinal soup bird
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