Text Box: Return To Nature !!!

Dear Mr. Wong,

I wish to thank you for arranging such a nice trip to your farm. 

This is a farm that I always dream about; located next to a forest, fresh air, rivers, bird singing and no chemical pollution. 

The moment I entered the farm, I felt fresh air and the fragrance of grass and flowers. ( I wish I can pack a few fresh air and take back..ha ha..). 

Bio-security is strictly enforced here. As a veterinarian, I  strongly support this and am glad to see it being practiced. Vehicles are washed and un-authorized people are forbidden to enter the farm area. This is to ensure the chicken's flock health and minimize disease transmission.

Chicken are rear in semi-ranging at the young stage and let full ranging when reach adult age. Grass available like: 
i Guinea grass (Panicum)
ii. Elephant grass (Panisetum purpureurn)
iii. Setaria
iv. Legume: lpil-ipil / Leucaenia leucocephala,
and others become the main food for the chickens, and, rotate grazing is practice here to ensure continued supply of grass.
Natural remedies to boost up immune system, digestive system, and disease prevention are used instead of chemicals. This gave a very good impression to me and consumers to ensure chicken meat are more healthy, natural, non-antibiotic, chemical residues, better textures and taste. 
Well, I think consumers now days NEED these type of natural, safe, healthy, better taste and texture chicken meat.

In addition, I am very glad that you had considered the environment conservation while rearing chicken. I am very much agreed when you said " NOT TO SPOIL THE LAND BY OVER STOCKING THE CHICKEN".  A well balanced fauna and flora is well maintain here. 

Well done!!!

Dr. Keat FU    
February 2005