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1. Why grass - fed is better than organic
2. Health benefits from eating grass - fed meats
You are what your animals eat.
Good Fats and Bad Fats

All the above articles are by Jo Robinson, a New York Times bestselling author and are taken from her website.  To purchase her 128 page book, Why GrassFed is Best! ($9.50 plus shipping), go to Also, visit her website to find out more about grassfarming and to find suppliers of grassfed products.

A portion of the field before the chickens go in to pasture with 3 to 4 ft of thick vegetation.
A portion of the field after the chickens have been in for two weeks.
The left hand corner is where the chickens have just gone in for 2 days.  The right half of the picture shows 3 to 4 feet high vegetation that the chickens will very soon clear.
Hiding from the mid - day sun.
Enjoy the healthy goodness of essence of chicken made from our grass - fed chickens.  You will notice a difference in your physical well - being almost immediately!