Indoor ozonisers can be hazardous.  So says the US Environment Protection Agency.  Do not buy ozonisers that have no information about the manufacturer and country of origin clearly stated on the equipment together with the usual approval codes for electrical equipment.

Remember that the US EPA and the US FDA have NOT approved any ozoniser for indoor use and that claims to the contrary are misleading.  Ozonisers CANNOT detect hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, etc. in meats or vegetables.  Any claim that they can is false and misleading and is playing on consumer fears.

Ozone is a three oxygen atom molecule and is known as a singlet oxygen.  It  produces free-radicals reacting with organic substances.  If a piece of meat were to be placed in a bowl of water infused with ozone, the free radicals produced will react with  fatty acids like omega 3 (in a process called lipid peroxidation), and proteins such as peptides and amino acids, destroying them.  These destroyed fatty acids and proteins will then leach out of the meat into the water and you can clearly see them as organic substances.  This damage to lipids and proteins will similarly occur in our airways and lungs if we breathe in ozone in quantity.

The following article explains what an ozoniser is and what it can and cannot do.  Note that ozone can also combine with chemicals present in household environment to produce harmful or irritating by-products.

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This is an article from the American Lung Association.

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