Science has finally confirmed what our mothers have known for generations: that "chicken essence is good for you".  Click here for an article on the latest reseach concluding that chicken essence has positive effects on high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and enlargement of the heart. 
You want to make sure your chicken essence do not become a concentrated soup of chemicals and antibiotics and other banned substances.  Avoid wet market chickens.  Read this news report in the New Sunday Times as to why: CAP finds banned substances in chicken samples.
Here's how to make home-made chicken essence using DQ Clean Chicken:

Method I

1. Take one half DQ Full Size Chicken or Roaster.
2.  Remove the skin.
3. Chop up the chicken into pieces
4. Take one double boiler.  Place a bowl upside down in the bottom of the inner pot. 
     Place chicken pieces over the bowl and arrange.
5.  Fill outer pot with water and place a few one sen coins in the water.  The rattling will
     remind you when to top up with water.
6.  Place inner pot into the outer pot, close cover and bring to the boil.
7.  Turn down fire to a gentle boil.  One way to judge is to listen to the rattling of the coins.
8.  Boil for 6 hours. Top up with hot water as and when needed.
9.  After 6 hours, shut off fire, remove chicken pieces and inverted bowl.  The brownish rich
     liquid is nature's and DQ's nutritional gift to you. Skim off any surface fat before drinking.
Method II
1.  Buy a Hiwell Electronic Herbal Steamer sold at Hai-O, or call us.  We sell them at our cost.
2.  Follow instructions on how to make chicken essence using a seperator (without a bowl)
3.  Switch on and go to work.  When you return you will have a rich nutritious bowl of chicken
     essence ready for you to recharge yourself.
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