Silkies at our farmWe sell full grown silkies for RM 35.00 each.  For medicinal purposes, always buy full grown mature silkies, not spring chickens.

Live examples of the silkies sold in supermarkets can be seen at the Pudu wet market.  These chickens are young juvenile chickens with normal feathers, not silkie feathers like the above photos.  The supermarket  chickens are a cross between broilers and chickens selected for the black color gene for skin and bone.  They are fast growing and are sold as full grown chickens when only weeks old.

Do not be misled.  Our silkies take 6 to 7 months to reach maturity.

Silkies come in two sizes - standard (large) and bantams (small).  We only raise standard Silkies as they are value for money since both the bantam and the standard size take the same amount of time to reach maturity.
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