You can grow organic vegetables anywhere!

You can grow organic vegetables anywhere, using makeshift materials if you like, as is done by the owner of this kitchen vegetables bed. Click here for Close-Up and "How To?".

The vegetables here provided enough for this family of two. They have since changed to growing their vegetables in pots and containers in their 5th floor apartment.

By growing organic vegetables yourself, you have done the following:

1. reduced the power of chemical companies over our lives by reducing demand for their resource depleting and polluting products,

2. reduced the power of food corporations over our food supplies by reducing demand for their non-sustainable, chemical-dependent farming practices,

3. empowered ourselves by taking back some of our rights for healthy, life-sustaining food for ourselves and our children,

4. taken the first step towards leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Sustainable Living Centre, situated in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur, demonstrates how we, as individuals, families and communities can make a difference by protecting and improving our environment in our daily lives in terms of food, water, air, energy and shelter. The Centre demonstrates that wastes can be a valuable resource, which can be reused to our benefit rather than becoming a source of pollution.

No matter how small your house is, you can make it into a home that produces healthy, nutritious, chemical-free fruits, vegetables and protein food. At the SLC there are seasonal and perennial fruits, kitchen vegetables, spices, and medicinal herbs. Fresh, full of life-sustaining nutrients and free, just outside your kitchen door.



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