Having visited DQ Farm – A Testimonial from Michiko Okutsu


It has been 14 months since I first met DQ Chicken.  Since I fell in love at first bite, I have been very faithful to DQ, and not tempted by any other chickens.


At first, just having heard about DQ from Mr. Wong, I wished to visit his farm as I was skeptical & wondering if what he said is about his chicken.

However, after knowing its taste, I began to be awaited anxiously to have a chance to visit the farm to see the quality of DQ chicken with my naked eyes.


During that period, I started my own business, which is delivery service of safe & delicious foods such as organic foods and DQ chickens. I became to long for a visit to the farm even more strongly than ever before, as I have my own customers for DQ chickens.  Although, I have kept asking Mr. Wong to allow me to visit his farm for more than one year, he never said yes to me.


His farm is so very special one, that it seems not easy for us to win the real confidence of him that he will only invite BIG people to his farm I thought.


At 1st of January night, while I was lazily sitting down after the new-year’s party at my house –I had been almost forgotten that I requested the visit to farm that time, I suddenly received the SMS call from Mr. Wong.  Shocking enough for me, the message was to say to come to the toll plaza at 8:00 AM next morning if I wanted to visit the farm!!   It was already after 8:00PM, and less than 12 hours to get ready including time to sleep! My three children and myself quickly went to bed to sleep without clearing the things of the new-year party!


Because it was much awaited answer from Mr. Wong, and was all of a sudden; I still feel the massage was just a dream, even now.


Then how was the farm?

I just love it!!  Beautiful, cozy, safe, fresh air….it may sound like a catch-phrase of a resort hotel, but it’s really such a place.

For me, it is very difficult to find a place, where I can feel a sense of “safe” being released from my anxiety.

I may be too sensitive about “safe”, but I feel uneasy at almost any places where I go. Once I step out my house, I am frightened by exhaust fumes of motor vehicles, car-accidents and crimes of all description.  When I enter a building, I worry about that all handles of doors, floors, glass-windows may be full of detergent residue.  In a park, I fear being exposed to the residue of insecticides and other gardening chemicals.


In a restaurant, I worry about the detergent residue on plates and agricultural chemicals and artificial food additives in food. 

Actually, I feel full of smells and tastes of the chemicals in almost all foods, and I never feel tasty.

If you do not use any synthesized chemicals in your house, and never consume foods from common market but consume only organic or natural foods like me, you will surely develop this kind of sharp sense for taste & smell.

Therefore I cannot enjoy things outside, and am always feared by surroundings in everywhere.

People may think I am an unhappy person.

But for me, the person who cannot distinguish the authentic food from fake food is actually an unhappy person.


When I eat really and truly good food, not only the taste is great, but also I feel the nutritious power and strong energy from food.  Whenever I eat such food, I am keenly impressed with its authentic taste, which will surely sustain my healthy life.

Thus the fact I can eat such authentic foods fills up my heart with my deep gratitude and I do not want to waste them, as it is very difficult nowadays to find such food.

I am very happy to have known organic foods and DQ chicken in Malaysia.  If Mr. Wong had not brought out DQ Chicken, I would not most probably consume chicken for the rest of my life in Malaysia.


I am a person who does not believe the future of modern people who keep eating fake foods.


That’s why I loved the DQ farm so much.

There, I did not have to worry for anything, so my fully tensed mind & body gradually came to relax.  Moreover, I felt very comfortable “thick” air, which might be “qi” or life energy in Mr. Wong-speaks.  This very thick air seems to be covering the entire farm.

In this farm, nothing is waste, and all ecosystems that are scattered in the modern world are connected and cycled in the integrated manners.

This fact must be the secret of the comfortableness. 

Also, for Mr. Wong, having this farm must be the secret to keep his youth.


There is one thing I was surprised. In this farm, the land used for chicken ranch is only small proportion of the farm. As this is DQ Chicken’s farm, I thought the chicken farm was the main, but actually I had to look around to find the chickens; “Where are chickens??”

Then I remembered what I heard, that is, living as a part of the nature, DQ Chickens are really natural, and this is the secret of DQ Chicken’s luxurious taste.


Besides chickens, there were peacocks, geese, owls, other birds, and even some ponies.  It is just like a mini-zoo, indulging Mr. Wong as the place of hobby-like business.


In my 11-year Malaysian life, I know only two such places, where I felt my heart was purified; one is GK Farm, and the other is this DQ Farm.

A point in common between these two farms is that the purpose of farming is not money-purpose but farming itself is their lives, based on their faith.


Some organic farms, which are run for money purpose, are not like this.

At one farm I visited, the workers were using synthetic detergents, and its kitchen was full of chemical smells.

In such a place, I never feel relaxed, being suspicious about their farming.

This situation seems common in Malaysia.  But In Mr.Wongs farm what he says is what he do.


I wish that DQ farm and other authentic organic farms become pioneers for others and that the number of this kind of farms will increase in the world.   

I believe Mr. Wong’s great success and achievements of his dreams.


I suggestnot only big people, but those who eat a lot of DQ chicken) are able to visit this farm to see for themselves the truth.

Let’s eat more DQ chickens to get the admission to the farm!!


Thank you.