Datuk Rahman Hashim is a London-trained lawyer and sits on the board of a number of public listed companies.  He believes in what we are doing and intends to introduce the idea and concept to state governments.
Journalists from Nanyang Siang Pau came to do a story on DQ on August 8, 2004.  Here, they are listening intently to a couple of our stockists on the state of affairs in our food supply.
Dr. Craig Wong our consultant veterinary surgeon taking blood samples to conduct monthly tests for salmonella, A.I. and other more common poultry diseases.
Ministry of Agriculture officers came to the farm on September 2, 2004 to conduct soil and water tests to ensure that the environment in our farm continues to meet international organic standards.
Tham Chee Lung, an old friend of our organic consultant, HS Wong, came visiting from Hong Kong on 12/9/04.  He had a First Class degree in Agriculture from MU but that smile says it all: that was the first fish he had ever caught!
Mr. Yusry from Skim Organik Malaysia with colleaques visited the farm on Dec. 8, 2004.
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